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North Dakota Runner

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Until about April 1, I will be updating the race calendar, but will probably be adding little other new info.   Will increase activity again after that date.                                      

North Dakota Work Ethic!    Melanie Carvell and Steve Sundell in World Class events.

This is what we came for.    Minot State Wins DAC10...and Nationals!

The Pure Simplicity of a Sport.   Two athletes and a trail.    Emily Dircks chasing a  familiar face to her, Marissa Thorson.

                    State X-C Championships (Click Here)   

Back-to-Back for Bergan

Won, Two! The Fastest Sisters in ND

   Bitmap Image

Fast things come in small packages.
Krista Anderson
                                         NDSU's Best, Darik Hoff
2002 NCC Champ!

Family Values
The Anderson's from Leeds.   Traveling together to watch the kids run.

Marnie Walth
 Joan (Hammeren) Knoll

State Meet !
(Click for Pictures and Results)
Carly Emil: Crushing the 1600

Williston's Corey Ihmels

 Severyn Claymore - Fargo South

Jeff Manley, 1987                                    Coach Manley 2002

"Experience is the Best Teacher"

Andrew Carlson                          Jessie Kindschi D1 All-American


Steve Sundell        

                        Penny Splichal                                                        

"My coach helped me with some great visualization. He'd say; 'In the fourth lap, think of these guys  breaking into your home.   This is your's to be defended.'"

Jim Spivey, 3:49 American Miler

Beardsley Book:                                

 Dick Beardsley has a book out that is a must-read for runners or non-runners.   "Dick Beardsley:   Staying the Course" covers the adversity and the endurance of Dick's life.  Dick was one of the top marathoners in the world in the early 1980's and is from Minnesota.  It should be in the regional section of most B. Daltons and Barnes and Nobles and is at for a 30% discount.  
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