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Paul Kohler

PaperPort Document

Hometown:          Bismarck

High School:  Bismarck High

DOB               8-29-61

Ht.                5'3"

Wt:               123

Track PRs

800                    2:04
1600                    4:31
3200                    9:54
5000                    16:02

Road PRs     

5K                    15:28
8K                    26:08
10K                    31:49
15K                    51:00
Half Marathon          1:10:55
Marathon               2:29:59


All-State Honorable Mention Cross Country 1978

Career Highlights

First Junior and 4th overall with a 2:43 in 1979 ND marathon in Grand Forks at age 17.   After 10 years of trying, I finally broke 2:30 at Grandma's by one second.

Coaching Highlights

Watching Beth Hoge and Jessie Kindschi finish first and second in the 3200 at the 1999 state meet, leading the Century girls to their first ever State Title.

Running Story!

In 1976, on a dare from a couple of my high school teammates, I streaked ahead of the lead pack at a Jr. High cross country meet being held at Tom O' Leary Golf Course in Bismarck.   As a current middle school coach, I deplore that type of behavior.   But it was fun.   (Editor's note:   For those of you under 25, ask your parents about "streaking").

Favorite Place to Run

In Bismarck, I like the mountain bike trails that overlook the Missouri River as well as the trail on the Mandan side of the river that runs under the bridges.   When I lived in  California and now when I return to visit, I love running on the coast highway or right on the beach.

Current Running

40-60 miles per week.  I enjoy the many training partners that I have here in Bismarck.


Currently working as an adult education instructor at the State Pen and track and cross country coach at Horizon Middle School.