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Jessie Kindschi

Hometown:          Bismarck

High School:     Bismarck Century

College:        South Dakota State
            Currently@Brigham Young

High School:

1600          5:04
3200          10:46
5000          16:35  
10000         34:32

Honors and Achievements

2 time DII All-American
1 time DI All-American
7th Place @  D I Nationals, helping her BYU team to a low score of 62 points.   This was 86 points below the second place finisher (148 pts).   Huge!!                                      Concentration !

Favorite Place to Run

I guess that I will have to go with Andrew (Carlson) and Steve (Sundell) and express my love for the deer run and shanty town up at Pelican Lake (Minnesota).   There really were llamas and a deer leg and Andrew and Steve were pretty runny about all the legends that went along with the runs.

I also really love the river trails and the corn run.    I really love pretty much anything with Paul (Kohler), Julie (Bosch), Beth (Hoge) and Janelle (Olson) in Bismarck.  

Why did you start running?

I did my first biathlon in 5th grade and it was a 10K run and a 1K swim and Melanie Carvell was pretty much my idol and she was in the race.   After she was done in the pool, she cheered me in so hard until I finished and sent me an inspirational card and book about running in the mail.   I thought that I was pretty cool if Mel thought I was cool so I wanted to keep doing it and do it well, like Mel.   Julie Bosch and Paul Kohler were also huge motivators ever since grade school.   I got involved in Hershey and AAU and started to do less swimming and more running.   Then in high school Mrs. Stavn kept everything really fun, so I just really started to love  it.