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Bill Schalow
Age:               43

High School:          Minot High
College:          Minot State (When I was young)
               Moorhead State (When I was old)

800:               1:55.1
Mile:               4:28 (High School)
1500:               3:54.4
2 Miles:          9:37 (High School)
3000 Steeple          9:28
5 Miles          24:43
5000               15:25
10K               31:16
1/2 Marathon          1:13:45
Marathon          2:35

Honors and Achievements:

High School
All-State Cross Country  (1975 and 1976)
2nd Place State High School 2 Mile (1977)
Undefeated State Championship Cross Country Team (Fall 1976)
State Championship Track Team (Spring 1977)


2nd Conference Steeple Freshman
4th  Conference Steeple Sophomore
1st  Conference 1500 Junior
2nd District 1500 as a Junior
National NAIA Track Meet (Junior)
All Conference and All District Cross Country (Senior)
1st Conference 1500 Senior
3rd Conference 800 Senior
4th Conference 5000 Senior
1st District 1500 Senior
Nationals NAIA as a Senior in the 1500

Favorite Race:

My most memorable day of racing was my Senior year at Minot State.   Our Conference Meet was a one-day event and I was able to run the 1500 (1st), 800 (3rd) and 5000 (4th) all in under 3 hours with solid times in each event.   Another memorable event for me was running the Master's 800 (2:11) at the Drake Relays in the Spring of 1999.

Running Story:  

 I was running a 10K in Minnesota with Greg Grooters that started in town and after about 2 miles headed into some deep woods by the lake.   I was maybe 40 meters behind Gred and the next thing I know, I am totally lost with no one in sight.   I found a gravel road and an eight year-old on his bike pointed me toward town.   I had taken a hard right at a T in the course and Greg had take a left.  I ended up running about 11K.   He won't admit it, but I'm quite sure that Groot pulled the sign down as he went by.

Editor's Note:   Maybe Greg will give us his version of the story in his bio!

Favorite Place to Run:

We had some nice routes in Minot that had city streets, dirt paths and plenty of hills that were always a challenge.    I also enjoy the paths along the Red River in Fargo.

Current Running:

I am a 4-5 mile a day guy just trying to keep some form of fitness.

Bill Lives in Fargo with wife Carole and their four children (Katie, Matt, Emma and Natalie).   He is a Marketing Director for Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions.