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Related Links

"They thought that we were soft.

They thought that we didn't care.

They were wrong."

President  G. W. Bush       

Pickle Events  St. Cloud Based Running Events and Race Management

LAP        Lake Agassiz Pacers new website!

Raceberryjam  Extensive schedule and results for MN.

Fling the  Cow   The art of tossing a cow.

PrairieRose   ND State Games and Roadrace.

Eastbay  Shoes and accessories.

Runner's World  The electronic version of the Magazine.

Fast Women  Photos and results of women's running events.

Cool Running   Race Schedule, results and running advice.

Active  Online race registration and information.

Track and Field News   Electronic version of the magazine.

NDTrack Records  ND High School track records compiled by students  at New Rockford High School.

 Marathonguide National and International Marathon Schedule    

State Results ND High School State Championship results.

High School Runner  Runner's World for High School runners.

Midwest Events Racing Schedule with Midwest emphasis.

Dye Stat   Exceptionally well-kept current national track and field and cross country statistics.

Roadrunner Sports  Shoes and accessories.  Some at clearance.

Men's Racing   Emphasis on men's race results and events.
Run-2-3   Race schedule by State.

Runner's Gifts   Neat running stuff for birthdays, Christmas, etc...

Runner's Web   Everything about running...period

MDRA   Minnesota Distance Runner's Association

Peepers      The best deals in sunglasses, etc... owned by a local runner.

Sportsphotos    Local sports pictures for sale.    Includes track races and a few road races.   

Sioux Falls Running Club  South Dakota events and results

Prairie Striders       Prairie Striders Running Club of Brookings, SD.

Local Stats               Statistics kept by Dale Summers of Fargo of local events.