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Runner of the Month
No Fancy Awards, No Ceremonies, Just a Pat on the Back...

Attaboy (Attagirl)!

 November, 20002


Andrew Carlson

Easy pick this month.    Andrew won Division 1 Midwest Region Cross Country individual title with a 29:56 10K.   Fastest 10K in x-c by a U of M runner in almost 20 years.    Andrew graduated from Fargo South and is a Junior at U of M.   He had built up a base in 2001 of 100-120 miles/wk.   Has been running best and is injury-free in 2002 with 90 miles/wk.


Amber Klein

Amber has kept a low-profile, running at Adams State.   She was a good high school runner, but has  improved all the way to her last cross country race in college, which was at the Division 2 national meet.    Amber shocked everyone by winning the individual title with the only challenge coming from teammate Zoila Gomez.   The rest of the field was far behind.    

 October, 2002


Darik Hoff:

Darik has improved steadily throughout the cross-country season, culminating in winning the NCC cross-country individual championship, running for NDSU.  In the last calendar year, he has set PRs in the 1500,3000, 5000, and 8000 meters.  Darik is from Bismarck.


Krista and Lindsay Anderson:

Krista and Lindsay finished 1 and 2 at the Class B State Meet.   Krista led from the gun and Lindsay worked her way up to Krista in the last 150 yards.   They finished with the same time with Krista, a sophomore, taking the title for the first time.  Lindsay is only a 7th grader.   Krista ran the same course (4000 meters) in Jamestown the week before the meet in 14 minutes flat.  The Andersons are from Leeds.