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Rollie Greeno, Jr.

Hometown:       Jamestown

High School:     Jamestown High School

College:          Jamestown College

Holds Indoor and Outdoor Mile and 1500 M records for  Jamestown.   These records have stood since 1975.

400                49.8 (Split for Mile Relay)
800             1:51.9 (converted)
1500          3:54 Indoors
1500          3:48.5 Outdoors
Mile            4:07 Outdoors
2 Mile         9:28.6
5000          15:52 (road)
10000         31:22 (road)
15K            49:59
10 Mile        53:45
1/2 Mar      1:12:58


State Champ in the Mile (2 times)
State Champ in the 2 Mile (one time)
NCAA Outdoor Division III All-American Mile (2 times)
NAIA Indoor All-American, 2 Mile relay (2 times)
NAIA Indoor All-American Mile (2 times)
1986 Jamestown College Athletic Hall of Fame

Current Running Activities

I average about 40 miles per week and race up to 10K a few times each summer.

Why did you start running?

I was a pole vaulter in Junior High because my dad would bring home the broken poles from Jamestown College and my brother learned how to "straight stick".  As a freshman, we had a meet indoors at Bismarck on their old board track in the Civic Center and Jamestown High School needed someone to run the mile relay.   I jumped in, ran a good time and retired from the pole vault.   Like anything that one does, I enjoyed the success that I had and kept at it.

Other Activities or Workout?

Cross country skiing and biking.

How has running impacted your life?

I competed for four years in high school and college and have many great memories of workouts, races, and mainly the association that I have had with the many great people that I ran with and against.   Running made me a more confident person in all areas of my life and has continued to be an important part of who I am.   I have been the boys cross country and assistant track coach at Apple Valley (MN) High School for the past 25 years and still get to associate with great individuals, runners and coaches alike.

Who has influenced you?

I have been influenced by many people.   I still remember some of the things that Larry Knoblauch, my high school distance coach, told me, particularly about race strategy.   I was fortunate to have been able to run with many great runners.  I shared four years at Jamestown College with Myron Burman, of Tuttle.   We put a lot of miles in together.   My Dad, who coached me in college was (and still is) a tremendous motivator and has had the most influence on me.  He knew what it took to be competitive.